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October 12, 2017
By sheinitz SILVER, Okauchee, Wisconsin
sheinitz SILVER, Okauchee, Wisconsin
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I am from 8 siblings
ages ranging from 12 to 33.
I am from the plastic blue kitty pool,
where my sister and I were temporarily mermaids.

I am from a backyard covered in perfectly green grass,
where a yellow lab used to roam free.
I am from my father's hand built pond,
from the red roses and hibiscus trees surrounding it,
where my frog shortly lived...

I am from the brown boxes covering the floors,
from the rickety, wooden stairs leading to my bedroom,
I am from the sparkly windows in my living room,
where I would sit to watch the sunset.

I am from an unfaithful father,
from a mother who is haunted by her thoughts,
which also haunt me.
I am from the heartbreaking moment of saying goodbye to my home,
from the sadness, selfishness, and stress.

I am from middle school drama,
from fake friends, liars, and users.
I am from the teachers who used to lecture me for 8 hours a day,
from the countless hours of stress over homework and projects.

I am from obnoxious christmas’s.
I am from thousands of unmatched socks in a basket hidden in my mother’s closet.
I am from late nights of childhood storytelling with my siblings.
I am from a beautiful, comforting, safe home,
where I’ve never been happier.

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