In Her Memory Tonight

October 3, 2017
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I only learned her name today,
I’ve never seen her face.
And yet, already, she’s gone.
She didn’t go to my school
She didn’t know my friends
The only thing I had in common was her age.
It scared me, to think that it was so abrupt like it was.
That a girl my age, my grade, my sport.
Could be gone, so suddenly.
I don’t know what she looked like,
I don’t know who she was.
But I know she was a human,
and now she is gone.
Why must people be taken from life,
So early? So full of potential, so full of life?
The death of a peer made me stop
And think
Think back on all the things I have done,
Was it worth it?
All the cruel words that I’ve said to my family,
If i was gone tomorrow, I’d never be able to take them back.
Every stupid thing I’ve done,
Can’t be changed.
I reflect, I think, I remember.
I only learned her name today,
Yet somehow she’s taught me something.
I’ve never seen her face,
Yet somehow she’s shown me more.
She’s gone, in this world yes.
But there are many more to come.
The only thing we had in common
Was our age,
But today i take time to
All in her memory tonight.

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