Wasting Time

October 3, 2017
By Sanderboyz BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
Sanderboyz BRONZE, Elk Grove, California
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Stay and wait wasting time like always. Don’t waste time on me. I’m not the one people rely on. Wasting my time ain’t worth it. Find someone of worth. Waiting for me isn’t good I might be late or won’t repay it. Waste your time without me. I’m told I waste it all the time. People think it’s not worth it but i say screw it I’m fine I won’t lie. No matter what time I waste setting up I know it ain’t wasted. I’m doing what I want it’s my time not yours. So waste it yelling at me or spending time with me. I won’t hate it if it’s fun I will enjoy wasting time with those I like. Now leave it my time is mine and don’t try changing it. Now that I wasted your please don’t mind I’m just trying to speak my mind. My mind is full of empty space but if you don’t mind I’ll like to waste my time with you and don’t worry I know my time is wasting away but know that I’m letting it waste away getting to know you.

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