October 2, 2017
By Anonymous

I have a lot
Of memories
Some of friends
I hope to forever keep
Family that love
And support me
Laughs at the movies
Together with friends I’ve known
For what feels like forever
People who stick together
No matter the weather
We’re birds of a feather together
No longer do I consider them
Just friends – more like family
We’re like brothers
And sisters
People who when we fight
Came back
And defended each other
Without slack
From English class
To Math
We keep each other on the right path
Listening to problems
Or giving a shoulder to cry on
Birthdays and sleepovers
With mini concerts
Or just being there to help when it hurts
We’re grateful
And thankful
For being friends for so long
We plan to stay this way
Forever, or as long
As we can, and to stay true
These are the things I do
For the friends I call mine.

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