Peace of Mind

September 30, 2017
By ranchingurl GOLD, Dagmar, Montana
ranchingurl GOLD, Dagmar, Montana
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Favorite Quote:
Be yourself, there's no one better.

Now here I am for the first time

Listen up, cause this is my first rap rhyme

People want this put soft

But I don't care if they get in a huff

Facts are facts, nobody can change that

Can't pull the truth from a hat

Lyings all I ever hear

Stories made up to cover up fear

When did honesty become so rare

Nobody ever seems to care

Who they burn to the ground

As long as their standing

As long as their ground

Ain't the ground that's shaking

What happens when it happens to them

They play the poor little victim

The victim that's been bitten

Hold your breath, count to ten

Don't let 'em get under your skin

Don't let 'em get the better of you my friend

No revenge is worth a dime

If it costs you your peace of mind

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