I Wish

September 29, 2017
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I wish to spin the world on my pinky finger
To skim my fingers through the broad expanses of the oceans.
I wish to be cradled by love and squeezed by heartbreak
To be coddled by failure and fed success in teaspoons.
I wish to demolish the walls of my heart to embrace everything. Then reject those who do not deserve my whole heart.
I wish my thoughts to be as free as heartbeats and as unmuddled as tears.
I wish to see past physicalities and peer into spirits.
To be confident in the ecosystem that is my body
To dance in puddles of fear and gulp courage in paper cups
I wish to learn with umph and have my mindset be as wide as the Universe’s wingspan.
To let my stubbornness sweat out of my pores and my judgement slide out from beneath my toes
To be wise like the seas
I wish to see myself as everything and nothing at all.
I wish to live with belly aching laughter and earthquake causing giggles.
I wish to always be swept off my feet by wonder and twirled around by magic.
I wish to not fear death, because I have lived life and life has lived me.
I wish to not fade so quickly from the sand beaches of time.
To stand on the other side of my riverbank of memories and be content.

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