Spider Coaster

October 2, 2017
By Miller51 BRONZE, Canton, Illinois
Miller51 BRONZE, Canton, Illinois
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Spider coaster
Roller coasters, Spiders, spider coaster
Roller coasters are fast,
Fun, gives adrenaline rushes,
Scary and twisty like a spider.
They are so fast they make
The wind whistle in your ear.
If you ever go to an amusement park
Get on a Roller coaster,
The first time you ride one
You will never forget it
They will make you happy.
Spiders are big, scary,
Gross, have multiple legs,
And lots of eyes.
They are as hairy as a dog.
Spiders aren’t pleasant like roller coasters.
They scare me to death,
They move quick like rollercoasters to,
Attack their prey.
Creeps me out unlike coasters.
When they spin there web,
They don’t walk they hop.
Spiders shoot there web with a pop.
Rollercoasters are better than spiders.

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