Battle Of Love

October 2, 2017
By AriyaR BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
AriyaR BRONZE, Oak Park, Michigan
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                                   The hot fire of love
                                   The feel of happiness
                                   Excitement running through their soul
                                   As they welcome the rush from above

                                   The feel of grass on their feet
                                   Protecting what’s his
                                   As his heart walks his way
                                   He can feel the heat

                                   The clouds are gone
                                   As people come to support
                                   Fighting for what’s theirs
                                   Her voice is like a love song

                                   Keeping her close in his arms
                                   Is his number one goal
                                   The love in their eyes
                                   Casting a spell with her charms

                                   Standing tall
                                   Walking along
                                   If she goes down
                                   He will catch her when she falls

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