Raining colors

September 28, 2017

I feel a burning sensation as my feet pitter patter upon the black asphalt
A vast body of dark blue water is visible in the distance
The mass of water is laced with baby blue waves slamming endlessly against the shore
The sand a soft creamy color, comparable to the frothy milk in a freshly made cappuccino
Yellow are the faint light rays darting from behind a delicate cloud
The cloud, snowy white, is softly shaded by the rain that is encompassed within
The tumbling precipitation appears merely transparent as it descends from the bed of clouds
An elderly man trudges past, freshly soaked by the raging storm, red with anger in his worn face
A lilac blast of lightning splits the ominous sky, lunging into the choppy ocean turmoil
My eyelids close gently and my pale pink lips spread to a peaceful smile -
I allow the raindrops to trickle down my face
But I am immediately startled by a bright green beach ball plummeting recklessly into my stomach due to the dancing wind
I reach my icy hands into the worn pocket of my denim blue shorts to locate my phone and observe the weather’s behavior
The luminous screen showed a massive red body of rain hovering over my location
I decide to retreat to the comfort of the little periwinkle house which rested upon and was now barely visible because of the pounding rain

The author's comments:

Incorporating a color in every line while describing a scene

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