September 28, 2017

s natural to color with a broken crayon .
But there's something special about a crayon in one piece.
A full crayon.
You can melt broken crayons together to form one perfect crayon.
I'm a broken crayon.
And so are you.
Like broken crayons, when we are melted together and combined as one, we become perfect.
With you, I'm a whole crayon.
And together you and I can color every dull surface in the world.
Together, we aren't broken crayons anymore.
We are strong and we are colorful.
We are the perfect crayon.

The author's comments:

I've felt broken for a long time, always though if myself as a broken crayon. But my boyfriend has taught me that broken crayons do indeed still color the same. This is for you Tyler.

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