Dear Master

September 28, 2017
By Nise1011 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
Nise1011 BRONZE, Louisville, Kentucky
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Dear Master,
We livin’ in America
No more kings,
No queens,
No bowin down at the sight of a crown,
You took me from my land,
Work me til me hand fall off,
I’m of possession
I want to be my own man
They took my brother,
Sold my sister,
Raped my lover,
But what they’ll never ever say is the wondrous things that were discovered,
From our culture
You whip and forced me and the other “ jiggaboos”,
To work your agriculture,
I pick cotton,
Master you’re the true meaning of rotten,
I hope you die a horrible death and lay cold in that coffin,
I hope you realize my black is beautiful and awesome,
I hope your son finally pays for that “ n***** “ he’s violated and raped,
I hope realize the reason why we all tried to escape,
You ripped us naked,
Beat us,
Tore us down from our crown,
I hope you finally know that master Sara’s daughter is brown
I hope you’re ripped of your confidence like I did,
I hope understand my life was ruined the day of that bid,
You master,
The true devil himself
I hope you realize you took my confidence for yourself

The author's comments:

This piece is based on the perspective of how a slave thinks about his or her master during the rough times of slavery. It is extremely emotional, as a black woman in this generation is speaks to me and I'm so excited to share it.

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