To Catch a Running Nose

September 25, 2017
By spencergeers BRONZE, Dubuque , Iowa
spencergeers BRONZE, Dubuque , Iowa
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Look at this light darling!

Quit asking me what I think about it you already know the answer
I want to know what you think about
Rain falls on my face when you tell me things
And spiders wouldn’t scare me if you were next to me
If you were here though I wouldn’t read books because
I can read everything through the summer freckles that stay until springtime
Those eyes resting on your face like someone took years to place them
In their sockets

You are an unidentified flying object
And I want to hide you from the government
And I love to see the hair on your head turn orange with the trees
Notice how now I can actually dance with you in the fall
It’s because I am not afraid when you tell me everything is great
Or that my favorite music is now your favorite music
And I know what love is when you squeeze my hand on the street
Because it is a little wet
Sort of like the third kiss

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for Abby

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