September 22, 2017
By EmilyDiLullo SILVER, Round Rock, Texas
EmilyDiLullo SILVER, Round Rock, Texas
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Swirling around in circles
glimpses of bright smiles everywhere
laughter spreading across each face like wildfire
dancing with people I just met
but we are all so connected.

The words of the songs sound like nonsense to me
but I sing along anyways.
Glancing down to a small face on my left,
tears of joy like a river streaming down her cheeks.

Aluminum houses pounding with each raindrop
the ever present smell of dust-- hot, hot, heat.
How can people with so little have so much.
a joy in the harmony of their community
means so much more than money and things.
It shows in the happiness of the room
holding warm hands of my brothers and sisters
singing together as one family.

The author's comments:

I've been to Nicaragua four times on mission trips wth my church so it holds a special place in my heart! This poem describes a typical church service in Nicaragua.

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