All the Places I'm From

September 20, 2017
By Racheld1405 GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Racheld1405 GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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I used to be from bangs and hair cut to the shoulders, resembling my mother’s
From stubbornness and refusal
and wanting to wear different clothes and stand out, ignoring the voices of others 
I used to be from hot chocolate that turns my red cheeks back to their original pale color
and days running through the shadowy weeping willows, becoming a pirate,spy and acrobat
From blue moon ice cream melting down my cone and dog walks accompanied by Ellan
I used to be from gymnastics meets that took ages to compete in
From screaming, stress and scare
and the tears that never fell

I am from night drives to Taco Bell around 11:30 with Ashley
and boat rides that whip my hair around my face
From singing with voice I wish resembled an angel around people, who don’t mind
I am from field hockey girls who also became my closest friends
From messing around and kicking butt on the gymnastics floor
and sprints and high jumps
I am from tears that flowed down my face for hours and puffy eyes that strengthen me
and listening, while learning to put up bricks rather than sticks
From being the one people go to for help, knowing I wouldn’t deny

I will be from the home of the mighty Badgers, sprouting red and white
From eyes with bags and asking questions to pursue a the career of my dreams
and nights that will stay with me till my hair turns gray
I will be from four kids (the girls sprouting short hair with bangs)
and the happiness and sadness of watching them grow up like me
From the sudden appreciation and love for my parents, unknown to me before
I will be from the man of my life who will stay with me till time stops
From arguments and lessons learned that teach me how to love
and from the life that I will look back on, filling me with memories 

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