I'm Born A Girl

September 17, 2017
By smiksingla BRONZE, Dubai, Other
smiksingla BRONZE, Dubai, Other
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I’m born a girl
Eyes filled with joy
But they would rather prefer a boy
Fragile happiness, very tender
Unappealing was her gender
She thought of it as a moment of pride
But the girl would be nothing more than a bride
In her rebellion, at work
Ghosts of less pay would lurk
Marriage is supposed to be the only thing she aspires
Seemingly incapable of constructing her own empire
Standing at the altar
She says her vows
She now has no opinions
No judgement
Never contentment
At 70.
A life without legacy
A battle without end
Dreams smothered, wishes only penned
Born again,
A story never told, repeats itself.

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