September 17, 2017
By k k BRONZE, K, Manitoba
k k BRONZE, K, Manitoba
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I used to see it as
One of my best attributes.
I wore it so proudly
On my sleeve.

I used to treasure hundred percents
Than I treasured
My sanity.

Was ingrained in me
My education
Because if you want
Your hard work recognized
It better be perfect
Otherwise, it's not worth it.

Setting the bar high
For yourself.
Setting goals
And reaching them
Feeling that high, that rush
That comes
From a perfect score

But this bar
Is not stationary
This bar moves.
Like the movie, Up -
Up and out of your grasp,
Then out of your reach,
Then out of sight.

And then you're stuck.
To reach this bar you cannot see
But pray it's there,
Because perfection
Is where you're told you need to be.

They say,
"There is no elevator to success
You have to take the stairs."
What they don't say,
Is success doesn't always
On the top floor.

They say,
"Reach for the stars."
The stars
Are more than four light-years away
The stars
Are forty trillion K away
The stars
Cannot be reached
And why would you want to, anyway?
They're simply balls of gas.

Have I reached the point
Where average
Is not average
And good enough
Is not good enough
And great
Is the worst case scenario
And perfection -
An impossible
Abstract concept, really,
Is the only option?

I used to see it as
One of my best attributes.
I wore it so proudly
On my sleeve.

I see it as a hurdle,
A barrier.
A locked door,
The key to which is one
That leads to
My success.

The author's comments:

After so much social conditioning that perfection is synonymous with success, it's a real battle to try to detach one from the other. A part of me now knows perfection is not a standard to live by, while another part is still desperately trying to cling on.

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