Slave to your words

September 26, 2017
By Didhiti.K BRONZE, Toronto, Ontario
Didhiti.K BRONZE, Toronto, Ontario
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Slave to your words is what you've made me

Glaring your eyes at me while you drink your afternoon tea

You judge me by the length of my skirt

Assuming that I am just another "chic" that wants to flirt

Your mother tells me to dress properly, 

To cover my flesh so that men won't set their negative views

Pretending to save me from being a victim of an abuse

But seriously, maybe you should educate your son to respect women

Cause I don't dress to impress and please them. Amen!

Blue eyes, blonde hair, curvy body and fair skin is what you consider beautiful but I've got none of them

So I consider myself a boring rock constantly trying to convert into a gem

Now you question the scars on  my hips

Wondering how many lips  I've kissed

Or how many men have touched my skin with their fingertips

But what if I told you that the scars you see on my hips are just stretch  marks which were caused by carrying the son to your brother

You feel offended now don't you?

So you walk around saying  I can never be anyone's first wife

Cause I was already a mother

That venom you spit from your mouth is poisonous enough

And although they are just words

It hurts more than being slaughtered with the sword

You should know I don't get raped because I "show too much of my flesh"

Even women who wear burkas are being abducted

Tell me, do you see them wearing anything less?

I could be someone's daughter, someone's sister, someone's wife

I know you don't really care

But what if it was your  sister or your daughter

And my brother dared to touch them and tear

I know,  with a gun in front of my doorstep, you would appear

Don't worry though my brother has been taught to respect women right

While you put your dirty views when u see a girl alone,

He's there protecting your sisters from being a victim as they walk alone in the night


These are things I don't find within me when I see my reflection in the mirror

I was just a slave to your word but now you've turned me into a killer

Should I kill the man who raped me?

Should I kill the people who criticize me?

Should I kill my fear?

Should I kill the negativity within me?

Should I kill the voices in my head that bring me down?

Or should I kill myself and it will all be over

Devilish whispers are creeping under my sea of grief

Please tell me who should I kill in brief

I've lost it all

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