How to Save a Life

September 9, 2017
By Unspoken_Word SILVER, Bronx, New York
Unspoken_Word SILVER, Bronx, New York
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I looked out across an ocean of despair, thinking I was the only one up to my neck in salt water tears. Gasping for breaths that do nothing to ease the ache in my weather worn body, i've been bobbing for years. The harsh sun blistering my skin is  nothing compared to the unseen nightmares circling below. Suddenly I see a reprieve in the distance, the first piece of solid land I've seen in ages. I muster every bit of strength I've been saving and propel myself towards this pillar of hope.I am 100 yards out when I hear a scream so familiar I swear the words could have slipped from my very own mouth. And then I see you, a sister in arms shipwrecked in the very same ocean as me as you too struggle to keep your head above water. You scream for help, something I never thought to do. Something I didn't think I deserved. I see the scars that grace your skin, seeping blood into the waves attracting attention from below. I feel your pain as powerfully as I do my own. We are in need of the same boat love, but without a paddle I only have the strength to push on. I weep for you sister as your screams subdue and I feel the sand beneath my feet. How could I turn my back on a fellow soldier in the trenches, even if it was to tend to my own wounds. Each grain of sand is a pair of hands helping to hold up my tempest-tossed frame, allowing life to flow back through me. I look back at your watery grave, your eulogy on my lips, when I see you standing atop a massive beast, a smile set wide across your face. I am astounded at how you now ride with ease the waves that once beat you down. Some of us are strong enough to tame the beasts of our misery and ride them through life, but I need a break. So I'll just rest here and watch and you ride off into the sunset.

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