The Ghost of a Nothing

September 2, 2017
By noto9664 SILVER, Delray Beach, Florida
noto9664 SILVER, Delray Beach, Florida
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I saw a ghost of a nothing today.
It was a fleeting glimpse of something that had never been.
It was
Close yet far.
Beautiful yet hideous.
Loved yet hated.
I glanced at the ethereal being for but a second,
Before it’s dangerously seductive eyes can draw me in again.
But I am unable to avoid her stare,
And her radiance came upon me in a torrent of resigned agony and despair,
Each lock of our eyes threatening to drag me further into a dismal hell.
Her smile shone through the night in a mockingly innocent countenance.
Behind teeth of white, lay a soul of pitiless night.
In the shadows of twilight, her ghostly features began to twist until
She was no longer close, but far.
She was no longer beautiful, but hideous.
She was no longer loved, but hated.
As the image began to fade into nonexistence, I saw the ghost of an angel, the ghost of a devil,
The ghost of a nothing.

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