Uncharted Waters

September 4, 2017
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A new house is like a cold pool,
A new community a cold ocean.

My old house was easy swimming,
The water warm and calm.

The waves floated with me
And my feet touched the bottom.

At sea, I was the captain,
I navigated the current

And knew the fastest route,
Undaunted, assured, familiar.

But then the weather shifted,
The once clear skies turned gray,

A new house, a new neighborhood,
A tempest of uncertainty.

At first, I kept dry,
Safe in the shelter of family.

I hesitated to test the cold waters,
Fearful of what was hidden in its depths.

Then with a great leap I plunged in,
The storm cleared, and I sailed on to the New World.

For now, the skies are blue,
And puffy clouds are dotted above,

Though I know that before long, the skies will darken again—
But this time, my ship is prepared.

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