August 31, 2017
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Who am I?

That is the simple question of humanity;
it lurks behind dusty corners in dark and forgotten alleyways,
in the midst of busy streets in great cities,
in the vast deserts filling the stretch of countries,
and in the shadows of the human mind-
always there in spirit or physical presence.

Well, who am I?
Do I enjoy the sight of recognition,
adore the feeling of glory,
savor the taste of freedom, 
relish in the aroma of confidence,
and love the sound of praise?
Do these things elucidate me as an individual?

What defines who I am as a person in this world?
Some say the littlest things characterize you the best,
They are a part of your being
a branded mark forever upon your skin-
something that fills the missing piece in every soul.

Some say who you are is mostly defined by what you do-
what you create and contribute to society,
the ethics and philosophy you believe in,
and what your unique mark upon the world is.

Is there only one thing that defines who you are?

I say no.
What you contribute defines the majority of you,
like a painting without color.
It is the bare outline of your being,
the first unclear strokes that mark the rough outline of your essence,
shaping your person as a member of society.

The little things are the color of the painting-
adding life and beauty to the otherwise lackluster outline,
humanizing the monochrome profile.
These small easy-to-miss details-
such as the admiration for the beauty of organized catastrophe,
mindless twirling of a pencil while in thought,
the obsessive love for classical books,
and the sweetness of rock music to your ears-
fill in the cracks of your being.

But people often forget the things inbetween-
the companionship of friends,
the comfort and love from family,
or the support from a positive environment-
things a person would be nothing without.
Those things are the last brushstroke of the uncompleted painting,
the finishing and polishing of the distinctive work of art.

These characteristics shape us as humans,
defining us as individuals,
as people,
as beings;
an idiosyncratic masterpiece.

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