exit through the giftshop

August 27, 2017
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capitalism's turned wants into needs and the louvre into a shopping mall

the insides of that gilded puzzle piece that, when combined with it's counterparts, incited revolution have been scooped out and replaced with a modern day equivalent.

Marvel has replabed marble and Starbucks the Sun King by the stagnation of status in a static society remains the same.


what'll take the place of the guillotine?



terrorism's turned american flags into doormats and the westwork of notre dame into a security checkpoint.

stone walls that stood while the world was still flat are now covered in "covert" cameras with blinking red lights that have stolen the status of "focal point" from the altar.

pat-downs have replaced penance and metal detectors monks but the fanaticism that caused both the building's building and it's new decor are more similar than most see.


what are you praying to?

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