To All The Girls Of The World

August 11, 2017

Do not ever let anyone tell you that you are not good enough.
For I have seen the sparks blazing in your eyes as you speak about your passions, your bliss.
I have heard your voice reverberate from the depths of your belly as you call out into the darkness, begging for someone to hear.
I have witnessed you beat your wings ferociously, chasing transcendence, even as your fingers tremble as you reach out, not quite close enough to grab on.
I have watched you stopper your ears against all the hatred, deflect every bullet that is fired in your path, no phrase quite vicious enough to pierce the armour surrounding your soul as you struggle to soar.
“You are stupid.”
“You are ugly.”
“You are weak, powerless, worthless.”
And I have watched you rise up from the ashes of hardship and humiliation, reborn as the phoenix that has always slumbered within, becoming something untamable, unstoppable, that cannot be caged.
To all the girls of the world:
Know that you are worth it.
Let your passion run as wild as your spirit as you grab hold of the world by your fingertips, feeling the exhilaration in your bones as you defend what is yours.
Let your voice that has too long been silenced at last take flight, a triumphant call that rings out across continents, the flame for the forging of new anthems to which hearts can beat along.
“You are intelligent.”
“You are beautiful.”
“You are strong, powerful, bold.”
Let your support for one another become your new battle cry.
Let no one again denounce you for something as extraordinary as who you are.
To every one of my sisters:
Know that you are more than enough.

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