Thats life :)

August 11, 2017
She coccooned out of her shell ....
"Finally." she sighed
Nonplussed to see the colourful world ...
A treasures full of hopes and ambitions finally unlocked ..
A prisoner of desires convicted..
A breeze of cold air touched her face..
Corruscating in the bright light
Her gaze turned towards the cat fight .
Her lips curved into a smile :)..
Thinking which of the dream card she should pick up first ....
Third card in the stack attracted her .
It revealed ,"To pluck the Roses of life ."
But the thing she was unaware of was " Every rose has its thorns."
She did anyway but stung by it,
a drop of red color flowed down her finger .
She was a novice didnt knew life could be so excruciating .. but
The hope inside her did not die
She picked another card stating another desires
Eventually every other thing turned into a night mare ..
with the last drop of hope leaving her body
She opened up her shell and locked up her self all over again ..

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