Nintendo Girl and Xbox Boy

August 2, 2017


Nintendo girl and Xbox boy

How do you get along?

you are alike but different

how could this be wrong?

Xbox boy is geeky

Nintendo Girl's a nerd

Put them in a room together

they barely say a word

Both quiet and afraid

too awkward for their own good

someone has to break the ice

or neither of them would

Nintendo girl and Xbox boy

you'll fall in love someday

and when you do just think of all

the videogames you'll play

They are both too frightened

to even say a word

but they have crushes on each other

from what everyone has heard

Nintendo girl is trying

Xbox boy is too

neither of them really

know what to do

Don't let it fade away

never let it die

this friendship is so precious

keep the spark alive

Nintendo girl and Xbox boy

sitting on the couch

keeping a safe distance 

and a casual slouch

Just do it Xbox boy

put her hand in yours

nintendo girl loves you

of that I am sure

Do it Nintendo girl

scoot towards him a little

you're on seperate ends

at least sit in the middle

An awkward little romance

is coming into bloom

you may even end up being

an awkward bride and groom




Nintendo girl and Xbox boy

indeed became a thing

but things are not so good

and now they feel the sting

Nintendo girl has issues

Xbox boy ignores

He doesn't even notice

that her mental health is poor

They never talk about anything

The awkwardness still stands

they don't act like a couple

they're barely holding hands

Nintendo girl and Xbox boy

are not equally involved

Nintendo girl knows

that there are problems to be solved

Xbox boy is irksome

he's getting under her skin

and she's starting to have a relapse

she's falling down again

Nintendo girl wants out

of this relationship

but she isn't sure of how

to break her partner's grip

She wants to be free to try different things

but Xbox boy is there 

weighing down her wings

Nintendo girl and Xbox boy

are not a perfect pair

This fling just has to end

soon it won't be there

Nintendo girl will do it

before too awfully long

because she's the one that knows

this relationship is wrong

They should find someone they like

go and take their pick

nintendo girl has eyes

for a playstation chick

Nintendo girl and Xbox boy

didn't really last

thir time together is over

they will leave it in the past.

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