August 7, 2017
By selenetheweeb BRONZE, Brookeville, Maryland
selenetheweeb BRONZE, Brookeville, Maryland
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Addicted to writing,

I surrender to the fantasy I created.

Stabilize my prose

Or wreck it?

Developing the plot,

I struggle with a protagonist and antagonist.

Get hooked on a surprise plot twist

Or a straight story line?

Reeling from withdrawal,

I am bleary-eyed searching for a remedy.

Woken up now in a cold sweat

To aid or disrupt my creativity?

Stuck in that moment,

I feel powerless.

Left to cope on my own,

After reluctantly vanishing as the creator.

The author's comments:

I wrote this poem about feeling deprived of creativity when I get started on a piece but don't know how to finish it. It shows my frustration about working through writer's block before I get jolted back to reality and dealing with my own life.

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