Rosy Veins

August 6, 2017

I am fate’s cruel mistress.
I am the one who sucks on bones.
I am the color of skull and milk and I am sharp in all the ways you are not.
I am the ambiance that creeps up and dismantles souls.
I am the one wearing satin gloves who lights the match that sends sparks up your body.


You are the one who dribbles light.
You are the one who bottles devils with your tongue.
You are the color of orange juice pulp and daffodil seeds and you are silk in all the ways I am not.
You are the heart stopper that fools lovers and creates fools.
You are the one with velvet eyes who breaths stardust into my wounds.


I am the goddess with teeth and you are the human with lungs and I don’t know who is more deadly.

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