August 6, 2017
I am a goddess
Be afraid of me
I am all powerful
All magical
Be afraid of me
I am all knowing
And glowing
Be afraid of me
I am wonder seeing
A perfect being
Be afraid of me!
I am not affected by your horrific travesties
I rise above
Be afraid of me!
The dismal state of humanity is all I can see
I weep for the hearts
Of those forced to part
I am a voice of change
A goddess playing your games
Be afraid of me!
I strike fear into hate
And release those at the stake
I can see the reminders of reality
And forget what is fake
Be afraid of me!
I am a goddess
My body aches from passion
As the hate is outlashing
I am in control
Rising from the bellows
Be afraid of me!
I have escaped the dark
My heart is no longer your okay park
I've been through hell and back
Go ahead and laugh
I am a goddess
Fighting for those made sad
Be afraid of me!
I am beauty unspoken
I will never be broken
Be afraid of me
I am the strength unseen
Possibility’s make belief
Wear your heart on your sleeve
And be afraid of me
Do not let hate become your becoming
May resurrection be alluring
I am the goddess of nothing
Be afraid of me!
Do not blame me for the pain that invades your brain
Or for the mistakes you've made
I did not fill you with the hate of time a late
I created your vision
I strike your heart with precision
I am a goddess
Be afraid of me!
I have won every war ever fought
My loyalty cannot be bought
Because I am a kind of innocence to be sought
Be afraid of me.

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