August 4, 2017

I've never been so frightened on Halloween because the truth is everyone has demons. Im appalled by the fact that i can never elucidate between the veracity of a situation or what's some malicious hoax only because everyone seems to wear a mask. in a world full of drastically diverse people everyone ends up being a blurred clique figure lost in a hopeless society because they all want to stand out. In a room with an occupancy of full, crooked smiles leave an abrasive stain on anyone who breathes in the air and has eyes that soak deeper then the scars that ever so slightly pierce the skin each one telling a horrific story and their personal desolation being submerged in the taste of their own tears. Encompassed by so many bodies everyone still accumulates the feeling of being unaccompanied or solitary. We all seem to share the same title nowadays... Broken home, depressed, anxiety,bullied. and "Mom where's dad?", "Im right here honey," she says. Distractedly mourning in our own grievances we don't pause to realize others around us are being embarked on a duplicate journey, they may have glitches that aren't similar to yours but the suffering is on the same scale.

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