The Puzzle

August 4, 2017
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I always thought my life
Was just one big puzzle
The pieces full of life
And happy little chuckles

One day I sat down
With all the pieces in my hand
Moving all of them around
Just trying to understand

I looked at the whole fixture
Wondering what I did wrong
When I realized that the picture
Wasn't so pretty after all

The puzzle showed a view
I never wanted to see
Terrible, yet true
Of the life that was for me

I tried so hard to fix it
Painted over every piece
Rearranged all the bits
Hoping to make the scariness cease

But the paint didn't hold
The problems all revealed
Rearranging got old
And the horrors weren't concealed

There was nothing I could do
To make my puzzle perfect
I wasn't the puzzle maker too
And the stress wasn't worth it

It's hard to love a picture
You never even chose
Harder not to bicker
Over a life that isn't your own

How can you make something unique
When everything is ready made
You're just told to put a piece
Where someone else proclaimed

I know now that my life
Is just one big puzzle
The pieces full of strife
And the things I tried to juggle

One day I'll find the courage
To throw the puzzle away
Get rid of the package
And do things my own way

Start my life anew
Create a puzzle just for me
Learn things I never knew
And seize new opportunities

But for now I've learn to live by
The current status of my puzzle
And I'm waiting for the time
When I can make a puzzle like no other

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