My Feelings

August 1, 2017
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I’m here laying alone asking myself,
What is love?
Getting heartbroken too many times
forgetting what is was,
Everyone getting depressed
That’s all it ever does,
I’m slowly starting to give up on us,
You see I’ve been feeling low
Ever since we separated,
All the arguments I’ve always hated,
This love I had for you
Quickly faded,
I’m glad to say I don’t need you
Cause I finally made it,
I don’t need your puppy love,
Don’t need any type of drama in my life
I’m done,
I’m tired of all the lies
Laying in bed crying all night,
It sucks that we weren’t meant to be
I’ve finally made up my mind,
You’re not the one for me,
Just a waste of my time,
I will stand tall and not fall,
And if you feel lonely
don’t even bother to call,
Cause I’ve done everything for you
You never got the clue,
That I had fallen in love with you,
All those mistakes you’ve done
I’d always neglect
Because I’ve never seen you like the rest,
I thought you were perfect,
All you ever did was cheat
nothing new,
Knowing that we will be over soon,
To finally see you had no heart,
I should’ve known from the start,
By the way you looked at me
with no respect,
You’ll move on in a day I bet,
I never wanted to face the truth,
Never wanted to be without you,
But the truth is clear now,
Never again will I frown,
You were never worth the wait,
Every single thing I had to face,
Knowing if you weren’t with me
you were with her,
I’ll reassure you that I will never again
feel this depressing way,
Goodbye is the only thing I have to say.

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Sonia E said...
Aug. 9 at 9:10 pm
This poem is so relatable. I think a lot of us women have been through something like this. You are so talented! Love it
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