loneliness in the digital era

August 1, 2017
By skittles77e BRONZE, North Smithfield, Rhode Island
skittles77e BRONZE, North Smithfield, Rhode Island
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how are you
good my sandwich is soggy
but I have an exam next class
that I stayed up all night studying for and--
sorry can't talk right now
I have a goldman sachs phone interview
oh okay no rush
on getting your 5 year plan figured out
and six figure salary squared away
and don't let me stop you
from building a resume
so big and extravagant
that the architect is sure planning
to tear down every cinderblock
I laid out
for the foundation
of our humble friendship
I know - the curb appeal isn't as aesthetic
but I promise the rooms are well decorated
it starts with a plain question
but if you give me a chance to make it past the basement
I know you'll be impressed with our next floor
but small talk isn't very useful
to construct a future
for when you want to work on wall street
and there's nothing particularly valuable
about a soggy sandwich conversation
to insulate the walls of a sterile phone interview
when you're going to need to rehearse
the lines your dad told you a thousand times
about why you want this job
so don't mind my ramblings about
trite topics and goofy gestures
my banal small talk
is sure to get in the way
of your iPhone sending you notifications from
the New York Times and Instagram
because you need to stock your head like a bookcase
shelved with the most current and well backed up
about donald trump's new executive order
and not about what I ate for lunch today

The author's comments:

feeling disconnected from my peers at school, despite our constant stimulus and need for technology and instantaneous communication 

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