Look at me

July 15, 2017
By , Des Moines , IA

How do you not know
You see me everyday
I guess I'm good at faking a smile
At pretending to be okay and happy
But I'm not
And you don't even see it
See that Im killing myself inside
Do you even care
When I try to tell you
All I get is stop it's not that bad
How do you know how I feel if you have never asked
I feel alone in a room full of people
Or lost In a world of hate
I need you
And you don't even see it
Do you not hear my cries at night
Or see the pain in my eyes
Just look at me
Really look at me and see the sorrow that is spinning in me
Tell me everything will be okay
That I will turn out fine
Anything but pretend that I am happy
Because I'm not and I need you
I need you now more than ever
So hold out your hand and pull me in
Until I can stand on my feet again

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