Opening up

July 11, 2017
By Anonymous

can’t you feel me? how much do I need to scream and shout and break down walls and walls before you can see the devastation inside? how many signals, how many signs? so many rules. too subtle, oh no not that obvious never.
can we please
break these stupid conventions of how to act and what to say and how to be?
i’m not okay
it’s been a horrible day
why can't i just tell you
what is it in this world that forces us to sit inside these lonely aesthetic castles that we construct for ourselves and are to scared to let the drawbridge down
we are the damsels of distress in locked up towers with swallowed keys and
we just can’t spit them out
we look out of windows wishing for someone to save us but
all we really have to do is call out help

The author's comments:

I think this is really important because as teenagers especially, we're usually so scared to come forth about our real feelings or what might be bothering us. All we know is how to suppress everything in and I've tried to capture the frustration and senselessness of doing so.

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