July 8, 2017
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when I opened my eyes for the first time
the light was blinding and I was told to hush, but my scream said everything
during the time that my theories and my breath felt understood, appreciated, accepted, my little hands were scolded, my little lips were smothered, yet I kept reaching to the sky
with the rise of my limbs, my eyes, my teeth , the world told me to listen and watch and I was heedful but voracious
they told me to saying nothing, but nothing was the furthest from what I said ,
my mouth pushed more air than my ears did listening
but every forward movement snuffed me out

one by one, moment by moment, word by word, I was submerged into the void
until I was quiet and I didn't say anything
where once was that of a powerful lion sat submissiveness

and when I was asked my opinion, and when I was criticized for refusing to speak, when I was told that my voice was powerful and that it should be heard and that it did matter, when I was shamed, scolded, smothered for not having a belief
I was quiet...I didn't say anything
I witnessed this contradiction of life, and this massive yet subtle truth that I was told to listen all this time, when what I needed was to be heard and understand and hear those not only who had something worthy to say, but those who had been silenced and who had paid attention and had said... nothing
those who were quiet, and those who didn't say anything, had the most to say
...and I fear as my inner thoughts grow day by day and I am silent, there will no longer be anyone to listen

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