The Exit

July 6, 2017
By Anonymous

The exit is this way, to your right.
I am showing you how to leave, so please
don’t tell me that you want to stay.

If you forget what we had and realize how
toxic we are, you will see the door up ahead.

Down this hallway you will see all our memories
that you need to forget.

If you look down towards the floor, you will see what happened and
why I need you to exit.

You are walking in a burning building.
It’s a pretty familiar building.
You saw it every day and never noticed that it was

The thing is,
I am the burning building.
And the exit is this way.

The author's comments:

This is a poem I wrote earlier in the year and is also part of a collection of poems, which I already published. I wrote this as part of a test to see my range in writing styles. I hope people are able to grasp the meaning behind this poem or interpret in their own way. This poem is about how one person knew that their relationship was toxic all along, and the other person is showing him/her the elements of what made the relationship toxic, in efforts to end it.

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