A twisted relief

June 28, 2017
By HollyL BRONZE, Staffordshire, Other
HollyL BRONZE, Staffordshire, Other
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The only way out of the labyrinth of suffering is to forgive.

Our empty souls are screaming for a way to release the imperceptible, dark anger that flows through our veins. In a desperate and blinded rage, one might beat a tree until it collapses in defeat or one power hungry man frustrated with his lack of authority will build a factory so tall and dominant over all creatures it will change the atmosphere. We are blind to the damage, and hold onto this release like it’s a drug that will eventually transport us to another world that we might take our everyday stresses out on also. We are murdering the innocent and drowning the land just so we can feel superior to all; our instinct tells us to climb the hierarchy, knocking anyone in our way to the ground. But I’m telling you to ignore it, and stay at the bottom with all creatures or the water will catch up with you. Eventually this world will collapse in on itself but the process is too fast, and instead of turning the other cheek we need to grieve all lives lost to the incessant rising of our waters and change what has been causing this catastrophe…us.

The author's comments:

The harsh truth about global warming and the melting of the ice.

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