June 27, 2017
By Sam_yukta GOLD, New Delhi, Other
Sam_yukta GOLD, New Delhi, Other
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The pristine beach sat crowned

With smatterings of pearls,

And pearls-to-be

Lying in waiting inside oysters.


The sky a simple azure,

The winds caressed the sands,

The waters danced

To bring the pearls ashore.


There came an oyster on the sand,

Its was a journey to begin.

Lying behind a curve, as if some hand

Choosing to keep it hidden.


But it would not hide,

It would not rest in peace,

It cared not for the sweeping tide

Or the wind that swayed the trees.


With naught but a sole pearl

As its measure to fame,

It wanted to take its pearl

For glories to claim.


It spoke in a bright clear voice,

Among the sands and the skies:

"I survive on the shore, but I have a choice

To soar with the wind or with the water, rise."


Other oysters clamoured in protest,

The shore raged and heaved.

But the oyster rose on a crest,

A foamy crest, and bid their leave.


It ebbed with the ocean, and flowed

It rose with the wind, and bowed 

It reached the sky, and the heavens, proud

Made the little victor into a cloud.

The author's comments:

Determination and Will-power

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