What is Love

June 22, 2017

Love is horrible
You will never hear me say that
It will all be ok
In the end
Because I know
Love is a lie
You can’t convince me that
love is worth the risk
Because I know that
A life of love makes you miserable
Never say that
you aren’t confined by someone’s thoughts of you
Deep down we all know that
It Comes from within
is dangerous
Fear of love
is intoxicating
Made us ponder what could have been
Contemplating the light of life that
Have since forth been destroyed
Our lives that
Would heal
our hearts broken once more
That, yes
Embraced in it’s warmth
We accept it greedily
It will only get worse,
With time
So don’t tell me
Love is a beautiful thing

(Now read it from bottom to top)

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