Take Me To The Stars

June 16, 2017
By MusicandMemories GOLD, Chantilly, Virginia
MusicandMemories GOLD, Chantilly, Virginia
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There was a time when we were close
Best friends, it seemed

But then something happened
And I don’t know for sure what it was

I’m too scared to ask
Too scared to know

I can’t open that book
For the first time in my life

I see you all around me
Is it just my mind?

I’m lying on a mountain
Covered by the crisp leaves of trees

Up above me is mist
Down below me is fog

Where do I go?
For now I’m lost up here

How I like it

But alone isn’t the same as lonely
Goodbye isn’t the same as gone

When you left me up here all alone
All I could think was why

Finally told some of the wiser trees
They told me to leave you be

But something lingers in my mind
A wisp of a memory

And the stars,
The stars twinkle above me

I remember your words
But I don’t really know you

I knew your mind,
I knew your thoughts

I once thought I knew your heart

I’m telling you now
Because I might change my mind

I’m giving you one more chance
To take me from this mountaintop

And take me to the stars

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