Do It

June 16, 2017
By arthurmudry84 BRONZE, Vancouver, Columbia
arthurmudry84 BRONZE, Vancouver, Columbia
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Do It
Just do it,
Don’t just think it.
Do it.
Don’t let yourself end up like me,
A life filled with nothing.
I feel,
Awards, wins, scholarship offers,
Are not all that I have to offer.
Pursue what you want to follow,
Don’t follow what your parents want you to pursue,
If I didn’t have regrets, I wouldn’t be writing to you.
When you have a choice,
Make that choice.
You make that choice, don’t let someone else make it for you.
Words are never meant to be left on your tongue,
Living with regrets, it’s just not fun.
Things I could’ve said,
Signs i should have read.
But now I just lay at night,
All these thoughts running through my head.
At some points it’s so much,
That I can’t think.
I just tell myself:
So when you get the chances,
Take life by the horns,
And make it yours,
Nobody else’s,
Own it, live it, do it.
Don’t just think it,
Do it.

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