June 18, 2017
By Anonymous

You can sense happiness from a mile away.
The dazzle of its smile makes people melt
Into a puddle of awe.
It’s in a mother’s gaze
Towards the newborn
Cradled in her arms.
The syncopated beat of her heart
Will hush the child’s wails
And they will be content in knowing
They belong to each other.
It’s woven into a wedding dress.
So when the bride smooths down the creamy fabric,
Fuzziness will travel through her veins
And she will be content in knowing
She tied the knot
On the string of aimless searching.
It crackles on a spinning record
And sways as the old couple
Dances to a long-forgotten song.
And they will be content in knowing
They completely lucked out.
Happiness echoes from the mountains.
It whistles from mom’s kettle.
It smells like fresh laundry,
Like home, like you.
It rings whenever you call
Why don’t you call?

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