June 3, 2017
By dallasgallegos BRONZE, Pomona, California
dallasgallegos BRONZE, Pomona, California
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"Mama always said life was like a box of chocolate. You never know what you're gonna get." Forest Gump- Tom Hanks

Screwed up
F***ed up
Why when people point a gun at you they just don't pull the trigger? I know why it’s because no one knows what actually happened. No one knows who you truly are, the side no one sees, the side you'll never show anyone. Only you know who you truly are.
The cause of mass destruction
Deep depression
Truly Sorry
Just to say “ I’m sorry” goes a long way, as I say it, I mean it. I’m truly sorry for everything, the lies you've heard, problems that were caused to make lives miserable. The sadness, the tears, everything. I'm sorry to the ones that are hurt, the ones still in tears, the ones that are broken, the ones who have met hate for the first time because of me. I’m sorry, i love you you all, always and forever.
Cant speak
We all have the number one lie we constantly say to people, it also comes with a facial expression, yeah its called a “smile.” The phrases Happy Fine and Okay are all unrealistic, we need someone to step-up and say “you're not okay, I’m here for you” but yet we can’t find that person. It is pretty believable that there may be a little person inside of you that tries to scream for help.
To repeat this word shows how words may hurt a person, but it goes to show that this word is used in society to much.
Society uses words like this to define people yet what I say and what is shown above is TRUTHFUL
You know that thing called life for some people it’s complete bull sh*t. I guess here it goes see you on the other side
Friend :):
And just like that everything changed
                                  - love life. Ironic huh

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