The Destruction of a Girl

June 8, 2017
By stmilona BRONZE, Natick, Massachusetts
stmilona BRONZE, Natick, Massachusetts
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In a bedroom with daring blood-red walls
We sat on the dusty aged floor in pain of inevitable words.
Ashley’s eyes darkened while she took in my secrets
My voice trembled as I confessed:
“He did it.
He was supposed to love me.”
The world paused for a moment to grieve my innocence
I was aware of the perplexity and continuous agony in my words
My pain was a malevolent entity that would haunt my every move
From time to time
I would allow Ashley to see the wicked spirit
And so she would take me to a safe haven
A place where I could live out little infinities of bliss
Before confronting my demon again

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