Fear of Harmlessness

June 8, 2017
By grtatian BRONZE, Natick, Massachusetts
grtatian BRONZE, Natick, Massachusetts
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Underrated, hated, and ultimately ignored
Their only use to feel the pain
Humanity refuses to endure
The sweetest things to meet
With tails like snakes,
Leaving even the bravest of souls
Running away with both feet
Like a lasso,
It’ll grab you and never let you go
It’ll tie you up
And keep you captive
Or put you on a leash
When honestly, in reality
A tail is just a tail
Like whiskers to a cat
They use this small extension of their being
For nothing more
than to ensure they don’t fall flat
The sweetest little creatures,
Ostracized just because
Just a little, baby rodent
Underrated, hated, and ultimately ignored

The author's comments:

As a person who loves animals, I try to do whatever I can to help. Recently, I've started to foster small animals, focusing mainly on rats. I've noticed that rats are quite a taboo, especially due to the stigma surrounding their tails. This poem focuses on that and how rats are much more than something to be feared. 

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