The Unknown

June 8, 2017
By Sophia_S BRONZE, West Hartford, Connecticut
Sophia_S BRONZE, West Hartford, Connecticut
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I am an alien,

unsure about anything in this world of unknown.

All things yet to be discovered 

begging to be found.

I can see the wisdom

just beyond my grasp.

My purpose inlfe;

something I so urgently need to find.


Pretending to understand,

when in fact I know nothing.

My own desperation

taking control.

I yearn to touch upon 

the pools of knowledge.

I worry I will never find 

my true self.

I cry when I think 

of all the people who have lost their way,

and that I may soon be joining them.


I know I'm here for a reason,

though I'm not quite sure what.

I dream of theknowledge 

I have yet to obtain.

Trying to find myself

in a world where I'm told to be more like them.

One day I will find 

the wisdom I so desperately seek.

I am an alien.

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