The Witch

May 25, 2017
By wk_1022 BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
wk_1022 BRONZE, Charlotte, North Carolina
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Being destructive isn’t brave; you couldn’t even say it to my face.
Out of all the tales you’ve told and stories you’ve spun; this is the worst of them all.
You can never admit you’re wrong; never admit to the pain you’ve caused.
You’ve lived a life of lies; hidden behind those evil black eyes.

Modesty and grace are not your strong suits; never able to cover up the truth.
You fly rampant and wild; no control over how you behave.
All the tall tales and nerve wracking narratives will all come crashing down .
Cast your spells and make everyone drink your potions.

Flying through the night; dropping words and texts into their minds.
Sprinkling the dust of deceit; kicking up the dirt of deception.
A magical wand in the palm of your hand; passed down through generations.
Everyone is falling for you; just like you want them to.

Don’t think you’ve fooled me; I will not give into your sorcery.
Anything you throw at me I will be able to take.
I can contain my feelings; hold in the suffering and pain.
It isn’t worth ruining my future; halting all the progress I’ve made.

Do as you wish, do what makes you feel good; I will not give in.
The buckets of water will come pouring over you
Melt away you will; disappear into oblivion
All you will ever be, all you ever were; a name on the wall.

The author's comments:

This piece is about being betrayed by someone you feel is very close to you. This is inspiried by a real life incident in which someone I know hurt me, betrayed me and then spread lies about me to all my friends and all I was close with. This poem is an anthem for those who are feeling hurt and lost and need motivation to stand up for themselves.

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