Glassy Eyes

May 24, 2017
By ellanygma SILVER, Kissimmee, Florida
ellanygma SILVER, Kissimmee, Florida
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Not Plain
Silver, Icy, and There
The catalyst for everything altered
Altered in a sense that is exclusive
You look in her eyes and what do you see?
Icy cold, Flaming Gold
The epitome of contrast
And that start of an innovation
An alteration that is in a great sense, exclusive
Altering the brown, the blue, the green
Or the red, the hazel, the gray
What do you say when you look into her eyes?
Outcast? Castaway? Wretch?
Or do you see
Allurement, Charm, Delicacy
The glassy gaze of the woman
The damned
But unique in its own
Argent and Burnished
Like the glassy skies,
Her eyes are like a pure

The author's comments:

This piece was inspired by a Psychological Japanese Thriller called "Tokyo Ghoul"

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