a poem by me (part 2)

May 24, 2017
By nathan0715 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
nathan0715 BRONZE, Clarkston, Michigan
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A year ago never seemed so sweet,
back to the shining sun and the warm summer heat.
To a time where all the worries had gone,
when we could live life with ease and just carry on.

Before the mess, things were easy,
the boat would float and the wind was breezy.
It seems today,
the wind has stopped.
The boat capsized,
the anchor dropped.

The waves kept coming, more and more intense,
until it was just too much,
we could no longer sense,
the journey we once had, the things we once faced,
It's all been replaced.

If only we could go back to how things used to be,
we’d realize we’re foolish, but now we can't see.
The people we’ve become,
oh how things have changed,
I wish it all wasn't so strange.

But, I guess it's part of life,
not all ships will sail.
Not all voyages are meant to continue,
but we will prevail. 

We’ll look back and remember,
what we once had,
before the time ran out,
and the path turned bad.

I, myself, will relive the memories made,
ones that,
no matter the bargain,
I could never trade.

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