May 24, 2017
By erinsmetana BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
erinsmetana BRONZE, Arlington Heights, Illinois
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My small stickered helmet
sat tightly on my head.
I felt unstoppable
as my foot pounded
on the pedals.
I was only four.

My training wheels sat beside me
in the grass
no longer connected.
Kate the babysitter’s hand
held tightly on my back
and I felt safe.
For I was only four.

The wheels turned
my heart rate increases
as the touch of her hand
disappears from my back.
I zig zagged down the sidewalk
all alone.
I was only four.

I look to my right ,
the first blue house
was now behind me.
The houses remained
a blur.
My only focus
was distance.

I made it five houses down
until my hands
lost control.
I turned quickly
and laid in the green grass.
I didn't move.
I was hurt I was happy.
I rode my bike all alone
And I was only four.

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